AI Assistance for Hawai‘i

Small businesses

We provide a range of low or no-cost services to help your Hawai‘i-based small business thrive using AI technology and tools.


We offer accessible, affordable, and complimentary AI training to advance your Hawai‘i-based nonprofit’s mission.

institutions and government

We help government bodies in Hawai‘i streamline operations and adopt data-informed decision-making.

Catching that Wave

When a big wave appears on the horizon, you don’t turn your back. You watch it, paddle hard, and catch it if you can !

AI is one of the biggest technology waves to hit in a while, and the Hawai‘i Center for AI is dedicated to ensuring our islands have the best opportunity to ride it out. Aloha, and welcome to the Center!

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Featured Events

Welcome to the New Hawai‘i Center for AI

E komo mai! As a newly established Center, we’re ready to explore the future of AI in Hawai’i with our whole community. Take a look at our exciting initial program areas below:


Hawai‘i Center for AI is committed to being a hard-working partner for positive change within Hawai‘i.


Networking, Collaborations, Learning, and Camaraderie are the fun part of getting together for AI!


We’re working on a number of projects to explore AI’s role in Hawai‘i and its society and industry.


We advocate for safe, responsible applications of Artificial Intelligence with benefits to all Hawai‘i.

Sponsors and Supporters

We extend our warmest mahalo to our generous sponsors, whose support makes our work possible.