How can we help your organization get more Aloha from AI?

Hawai‘i Center for AI is here to serve the business, institutions, social organizations, and government entities of Hawai‘i in conceptualizing, planning, and developing successful outcomes with AI technology and tools. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Whether AI is a supporting technology or the central theme of your grant, Hawai‘i Center for AI can assist your nonprofit organization with technical advice and preparation assistance.

Low or no-cost consulting for Hawai‘i small business that want to do more and be more successful using AI technology and tools.

Coming soon is our brand new Hawai‘i Center for AI Incubator, where we’ll support ideas and business projects to help build a brighter future for Hawai‘i’s economy.

Coming Soon! Hawai‘i Content Creators with interest in or concerns regarding the rapid growth of AI are invited to engage the Center to review their content rights, AI protection techniques, and network with other creators.

Feeling Left Out?

If there’s a service or program that you came here to find–but didn’t–please reach out to us!