Protect Your Creations in the Age of AI

Are you a content creator concerned about protecting your work when using AI tools? The Hawai‘i Center for AI provides clear explanations and strategic advice to help you confidently understand your rights, avoid potential pitfalls, and keep creating content in this exciting technological era.

Our Services:

  • Personalized Consultations: Navigate copyright, ownership, and fair use in the realm of AI content creation.
  • Educational Resources: Understand the evolving legal complexities and how they impact your creations.
  • Community Connection: Network with other Hawaii creators and stay updated on relevant changes.

Why Choose Us

  • AI Expertise: Our deep understanding of AI helps assess its impact on your content and intellectual property.
  • Hawaii Focus: We prioritize Hawaii’s creators and tailor advice to local laws and needs.
  • Commitment to Creators: We are passionate about empowering you to own and benefit from your work.

Coming Soon!

We are actively seeking partnerships with established legal professionals to extend our service capabilities and provide direct legal consultation to content creators.

Stay Informed:

We’re expecting to host period events to address this major issue for Hawai‘i artists. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch or contact us to learn more.

Disclaimer: The Hawai‘i Center for AI provides informational resources and guidance regarding the intersection of AI and content creation. This service does not replace a formal legal consultation for specific individual cases.