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Empowering Nonprofits with AI Grant Preparation

Are you a nonprofit organization envisioning transformative projects that harness the power of Artificial Intelligence? The Hawai‘i Center for AI offers comprehensive grant preparation services to help you secure the funding that will turn those ideas into reality.

We partner with you to design, budget, and effectively communicate your AI-driven initiatives:

  • AI Project Design: We’ll help you pinpoint where AI can streamline operations, improve outcomes, or innovate service delivery. Our focus includes needs analysis and guidance on responsible, ethical AI integration.
  • Budget Development: Receive detailed AI-related cost projections encompassing software, hardware, cloud computing, and potential development/consultancy expenses.
  • Timelines & SOPs: Collaborate with us to build realistic timelines for AI integration and develop data management protocols aligned with ethical and privacy standards.
  • Grant Proposal Support: Benefit from expert feedback on your proposal drafts, specifically enhancing the clarity, feasibility, and funder alignment of your AI components.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Tap into a vibrant network of AI researchers, developers, and successful nonprofit grantees – fostering knowledge sharing, partnerships, and a vibrant AI-for-good community.

Beyond Grant Writing: AI & Your Nonprofit

We’re committed to helping nonprofits understand and apply AI on a broader scale. Leverage our expertise for projects focusing on how AI tools can streamline your grantmaking processes.

Our Commitment

Success starts with early communication. Engage with us from the earliest stages of your project ideation to maximize the alignment and impact of your grant proposal.

See the Difference

Explore case studies of successful AI grant recipients to ignite your possibilities and see how the Hawai‘i Center for AI helps fuel innovation.

Let’s Talk AI for Good

Contact us today and let’s discuss how AI can be the catalyst for your nonprofit’s mission.